Ready to put a lock on your slave and call him yours? He will be on his knees when he sees this shiny stainless-steel collar and lock. Fashioned out of rust-proof hand polished and high gloss stainless steel, this solid German quality collar and lock will stay shiny and comfortable for as long as you choose to let him wear it.

Also, you will never have to worry about his skin getting irritated or the chain deteriorating or changing color over time due. The rather slim gauge and perfect lock make this collar stand out on even the biggest dogs, men, pups, and boys; and the weight around his neck will always remind him of his sub/slave place.

Let’s just say it. This collar looks kind of cute … just like the one you collared.

Size: 19 inch / 46 cm

Weight: 160 grams (0.35 pounds)

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